There is much talk from people about the imam from Masjid Jamae speaking of the battle against Christians and Jews. Many non-believer are quick to judge and worried about the “radicalized” Muslims in Singapore.

This response is a disappointment to me. As a community, Muslims lived here as brothers and sisters for many generations. We are considerate to the need of our neighbours, just like they are considerate to ours most of the time. Now a preacher who does not understand the context of our community’s good relations with non-believers comes in, everyone is quick to condemn.

What many people do not understand is he is more of an exception than a rule here. Ask any preachers, they will say that whatever the religion, whatever the holy book and whatever the quotation, they must follow the context of the country.

Do we need to ask MUIS or other imam about their position? Everyone knows that we do not incite unnecessary friction or pass judgement on others, or even worse incite violence against non-believers. That is what the Prophet teaches us, it is inbuilt in us and we don’t need anyone else to tell us how to do it.

As a Muslim, I am disappointed that we are out throwing judgement on each other just because of one small incident. Even opposition Faisal Manap and PAP must jump in and comment on this? This is not national issue, keep politics out of our religion, thank you!

M. Firdaus
A.S.S. Contributor

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