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Minister for Home Affairs has announced that the authorities will take to task the NUS professor Khairudin Aljunied, who has openly criticised an individual who made public what the imam who had allegedly insulted Christians and Jews.

Minister Shanmugam also reminded everyone that religious preaching that encourages violence or seeks to pit one religion against another will not be tolerated. Minister Shanmugam’s statement in full reads:

“Dr Khairudin has “encouraged vilification” of the individual who brought the matter into the public eye. Describing Dr Khairudin’s conduct as “wrong and unacceptable”, “He seems to suggest that it is okay for the imam to have said what he said, including that Jews and Christians should be defeated. He assumes that the imam intended to say that, and sees nothing wrong with that. He has jumped into this, without verifying the facts, without checking the context. And supports a position that is quite contrary to the norms, values and laws in Singapore.”

That’s it for Prof Khairudin then. Getting embroiled in this kind of issues cannot be good to his career progression, especially for someone who is in the public spotlight. Always be mindful when commenting on religious issues, we cannot afford to be giving out the wrong signals. Always uphold the good of our own religions, but never celebrate violence or pitting one religion against another. That is a whole new dangerous ground.

Charlie Ho

A.S.S. Contributor

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