I want to let you know about this silly woman on Facebook. The lady get into accident with a Malay or Indian man named Shaik who was driving a BMW, and this man conned her of the repair job. Now she kpkb says that she should not have trust Malay or Indian driver.

What logic is this, woman?

Here is what she said in her post. She wrote that the BMW driver, Shaik, hit her car while it was stationary. He asked her not to report insurance so he could use his mechanic. She said OK.

After she discovered that the repair job was very badly done, she got into an argument with the driver. For no reason she start to scold Malay and Indian driver, say that her friends told her not to believe Malay and Indian drivers because they should not be trusted. When the man scold her back, she write this.

“Well well well.. I m not sure but I didn’t believe in judging by color even when everyone warns me, it’s not the color but it’s the traits they say .. I dunno but I don’t think I have anything to be ashamed of becos I m just highlight that perhaps I shld have believe my frens becos he had just proven their words thru n thru..”

You be the judge who is the in wrong here.

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