This is a company that my sister worked for a while and wasn’t paid or treated appropriately.

First the superman said her pay will be credited within 7 – 10 working days. Then he told her he didn’t mentioned such a thing. He can only pay her the end of following month.

When my sister waited for 1 month for her pay, the superman said his clients yet to pay him so no money to pay and keep saying excuses like he is in meeting every other day .

Then again, he came up with a story saying he his now going to go toa payoh or bugis to sell his hp and credit her pay and will SCREENSHOT THE RECEIPT. That night her pay still not in or no SCREENSHOT .

The next day pay still not in when I personally checked her bank balance. Right beside the atm machine I called him

he ” last night I did a cash deposit of half her pay last night at 2 am”

WTF!!!! He dare lie to me. I asked him for the transaction receipt he said ” it’s somewhere in my bag I’m not with my bag now”!!!

He asked me to take a picture of the bank balance, I did send him. He said he will meet up with my sister collect her office pass key and settle everything when he meet her.

COME ON LA… Who will be too cool to say ” I will arrange to meet her tomorrow and will settle FULL AMOUNT when I meet her tomorrow ” after a genuine lost of money or wrong transaction??? Some more sell his hp!!!

The next day I called personally make sure he give his presence. He smartly passed the money to his other partner (the lady in the picture) !!! Finally she was paid after making her wait so much!!

Ps: This post is Just for your awareness guys!

Sumathi Rajandran
A.S.S. Contributor

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