Dear ASS,

the people of Singapore deserve to know more about a monster called Josh Robinson (USA), who has been lurking in Singapore for 7 years.

A quick Google search (with cache), revealed that Josh is not only an MMA instructor. He initially came to Singapore in 2010/11 as a lead asset artist on The Clone Wars at Lucasfilm Singapore.

“‘It’s surprisingly easy to live in Singapore.’ – Josh Robinson, Lead Assets Artist, LucasFilm.”

Is Josh referring to the easy-and-free sex he gets on a daily basis in Singapore?

“Josh is in Singapore as Lead Assets Artist for LucasFilm Singapore. Two years ago he was in Los Angeles finishing off work on Terminator Salvation for his …”

Further searching unearthed that “Contact Singapore”, an alliance of the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and Ministry of Manpower (MOM) featured Joshua Robinson as a ‘advocate story’ on their main page! Attached is a screenshot. This is Google’s cache of

It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 2 Mar 2017 07:03:09 GMT.”

With the breaking news on 2 Mar 2017 (2pm) of Josh’s 4 year sentence for sex
assault, its evident that the EDB and MOM swiftly gave instructions to delete
his ‘success story’, which is no longer online. QUESTION: Why did EDB and MOM
continue to promote Josh as a ‘sucess story’, even during his trial and while
on bail?

“‘I’m more used to people being a little intimidated by me,’ Josh Robinson
laments mischievously.”

Contact Singapore is a pro-foreigner agency, started by the Prime
Minister’s Office (PMO) and came under the Ministry of Manpower in 1998. In
April 2008, an alliance was formed between the Economic Development Board and
the Ministry of Manpower to leverage the business network and investment
promotion capability of the Economic Development Board and the talent
outreach of the Ministry of Manpower. They claim to “actively link
Singapore-based employers with professionals to support the growth of our key
industries” and “work with investors to realise their business and investment
interests in Singapore.”

Is this MONSTER the type of ‘professional’, ‘global talent’ that public funds
from EDB and MOM be spent on engaging and promoting? Isn’t it ridiculous that
we pour money to invite to pervs to come rape and sexually assault our
daughters and women?!?

If you are upset about this, let Contact Singapore know your displeasure:
Tel: (65) 6508 3508, [email protected]

Savile Seah
Parents Against Pedos

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