Dear ASS,

In Jan 2014, former iDA Consultant Ramos Lobaton Alan (Mexican), a Harvard grad, was jailed 10 months for underage sex with a 15-year old student on Oct 13 and 23, 2012 in an AMK Ave 3 flat Ramos was into BDSM and fond of people addressing him as “sir”, suggested that he be her new “dominant”.


In Jan 2014, “Cold, calculative and deeply disturbing” restaurant owner, Jared Chan Yee Mun (Malaysian residing in Australia), was jailed 12 months for having consensual sex with a minor at Changi Village Hotel while on transit in Singapore on Oct 5, 2012.


In Mar 2017, MMA instructor Joshua Robinson (American) was jailed 4 years for underage sex with two 15-year old girls, and in possession of 321 child porn videos featuring children as young as two years old. Some of the videos were ‘home-made’ by Robinson. “For each count of having sex with a minor, Robinson could have been jailed up to 10 years and fined. And for each count of making an obscene film, he could have been jailed up to two years and fined between $20,000 and $40,000.”


Notice the trend:

1. These pedophiles are educated, middle-upper class foreigners with executive jobs/roles

2. They were treated as foreign ‘talents’, and welcomed with red-carpet treatment (Employment Pass, at least $3.3k-$3.6k+)

3. Despite the severity of their heinous sex crimes, none of these sentenced received caning (commonly meted out for even molest cases)

Do you think the sentencing is rather lenient for the permanent trauma and misery inflicted on the victims? With the ease of getting visas/permits, and large pool of gullible Pinkerton syndrome Asian girls, will Singapore continue to attract the top pedos of the world?

Singaporean parents with young children should be very worried of this increasing number of foreign sex predators, preying on our young and naive. We need to urgently raise this serious national issue to our MPs, and petition for a global “Sex Offender Registry” to black-list/bar these perverts from entering our land.

Daniella Quak
Concerned Parent

#RomanticAngMohs #Myth #Pedos #Underage #Sex #Predator

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