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Not sure if this will pass under the radar of most local media, maybe just reported it once, and leave it buried under important news. Opposition veteran Sin Kek Tong, who founded the Singapore People’s Party (SPP) and contested six general elections in more than two decades in politics, died on Monday night. He was 72, and was suffering from prostate cancer.

Mr Sin garnered 41.2 per cent of the vote in his first election in 1988 under the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) banner, losing to Mr Goh Choon Kang of the People’s Action Party. He left the SDP and formed the SPP in 1994, is a split with the party over Mr Chiam See Tong’s fallout with SDP. He last contested the 2011 General Election, and stepped down as SPP chairman in 2012, citing health reasons and the need to refresh the party leadership.

The late Mr Sin Kek Tong will be dearly missed by all.

Liang SF

A.S.S. Contributor

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