Responding to Muslim convert Mr Terence Nunis’s criticism of a local imam’s alleged remarks made against Christians and Jews during Friday prayers, NUS Professor Dr Khairudin Aljunied, criticized the whistleblower for lodging a police report against the religious teacher. He did so via an imagined conversation between a Muslim convert and an imam.

In Professor Khairudin’s Facebook update, he alluded that it was Terence Nunis’s fault for sharing the video which led to other faiths and community members feeling hurt by the Imam’s comment. He added that by trying to expose the Imam’s words to the general population, Mr Nunis was being unIslamic and should stop being a Muslim.

According to MUIS, because of Mr Terence Nunis’s complaint to the police, the Imam has been placed on leave until police investigations are complete.

“The Imam and the Silly Convert

Once, there was a convert who was unhappy with what he heard from an Imam. So he went up to the Imam angrily and said:

Convert: Can you stop saying things that will hurt people?
Imam: I am sorry brother, but what did I say that might hurt anyone?

Convert: You said those things and you know it. It’s offensive! I’ve just shared a video of what you said.
Imam: I was speaking to Muslims in this small congregation but you, my brother, shared it to the world. Now everyone is offended. So was I wrong or you?

Convert: [already feeling stupid] But you said things that are offensive to others! I must expose you.
Imam: [gently putting his hand on the convert] Brother, I think you should stop being a Muslim for now.

Convert: What!!!
Imam: I read verses from the Quran and these verses have been read on the pulpit every Friday and during Eids since the time of the Prophet Muhammad till this day for over a thousand years. Muslims and non-Muslims lived peacefully even when these verses were read. Things change when you came.

#sillyconvertmakestheloudestnoise #shareatwill”

In 2014, Professor Khairudin was criticised by NUS students for referring to lesbians and cancers and diseases and that “we will stop these cancers in their tracks”

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