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Singapore top diplomat went on to say i a forum in the US that Singapore is going to be the New York of Asia? Top diplomat go and say such things, are we Singaporeans doomed?

The top diplomat, Kishore Mahbubani, was speaking at a seminar at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and said Singapore is poised to be the best city in Asia, because not only does it have the best civil servants, best airport, best military, best educational system, it is also comfortable with Chinese civilization, Indian civilization, Islamic civilization, and Western civilization. It will become the NY of Asia.

Seriously? What does New York represents? A melting pot of many different cultures? Or more like a city that has more people than it can house comfortably, where crime rates are high, racial slurs are not uncommon, property prices are the highest in the country, public transportation has reached a breaking point and the police are helpless in solving crimes. So, Singapore is going to be the New York of Asia.

Do we want all these? Or are we already there?

Brandon Gan

A.S.S. Contributor

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