The Singapore Police Force has confirmed that a police report has been made over allegedly inflammatory remarks made about Christians and Jews by a local mosque imam. The video of the alleged offensive supplication made during friday prayers was uploaded on the Facebook page, A Muslim Convert Once More and was contributed by Mr Terence Helikoan Nunis. Police investigations are ongoing and are unable to comment further on this case.


Mr Terence Nunis previously shared his thoughts on this unfortunate episode:

“Some people went there for Friday prayers. At the end of the sermon, this is what was recited as a supplication. The first few lines are innocuous and paraphrased from the Qur’anic supplication. The last part about overcoming the Jews and Christians is his own, or likely, taken from some similar supplication elsewhere, and is not from Scripture.

The word used is “fanswurna” which I have translated as “grant victory over”, but more accurately means, “to overcome”. Translating from Arabic to English is not always easy because there are words which have no direct translation without losing the flavour of the meaning.

In this case, the flavour is far from benign and the implicit meaning is more than just being better than them, the Christians and Jews, but to dominate them.””

MUIS has yet to comment on this issue.

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