A new kind of scam has been affecting phone users throughout the UK and the United States. When victims answer a phone call from an unfamiliar number, a voice will briefly introduce themselves or the company they work for. After that, they will ask, “Can you hear me?”

The most natural instinct is to say, “Yes.”

However, that is what the scammers want. Victims have reported that their “Yes” answers have been recorded, and the con artist will use these verbal agreements to tie victims to contracts that they are not even aware of.

Victims have been coerced into paying for products and services they never asked for and when victims challenge these con men, they will hear recordings of their verbal agreements played back to them with threat of legal action if payment is not made.

There have even been reports of scammers using the verbal agreements to authorise the use of stolen credit cards.

So the next time you hear an unfamiliar person ask “Can you hear me?”, beware of this scam and do not rush to reply.

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