Dear ASS Editors,

Following up from this article, the official statement released by the CEO was deceitful as the facts were that they had not even been bidding COE or delivering cars when the case broke out. In fact, many of us had attempted to contact them on numerous occasions to enquire the status of our COE bidding to no avail. Several excuses were given for the times that we managed to get hold of them. With that official statement issued, it already shows the deceitfulness of the Director, Dato Syed Khairil.

After the case broke out in media, they immediately tried to appease the customers and appear to be sincere by finally bidding COEs for a small group of customers. However, all of them had to top up more cash beyond their contract prices to finally get their cars. Accessories promised were missing. There were also issues with warranties as workshops said that Royal Automotive Pte. Ltd. did not pay them.

Unfortunately, after those deliveries, they revert to their original tactics and claimed they do not have funds to bid COE nor refund those who have requested. Even for those who were promised refunds did not get them by the promised date.

However, in actual fact, there are also numerous customers who have paid in cheques to the company account with invoices to prove. Yet, we are not able to get a single cent back.

They have only been paying lip service and not been fulfilling their promises, or even responding to msges and calls. The total amount owed by Royal Automotive is more than a million dollars.

We had tried going to CASE, small claims tribunal, made police reports etc but to no effect. Royal Automotive Pte. Ltd. is twisting our arms by threatening us that if we continue to do so they will have to close down and we won’t be able to get a single cent back. We understand that a Pte Ltdcould close down anytime and not affect the director as they can just set up other companies which is a fact that Royal Automotive Pte. Ltd. is using to their full advantage. With the rise in the no of such cases, it evidently shows that there is a loophole in our law system. As Singapore is a forward looking country, we should seek to constantly improve on the current system to ensure that our citizens are protected by the law and not left helpless in such situations.

Hope you can broadcast this.

Yours sincerely,
Cheated and depressed Royal Automotive Pte Ltd’s Customers

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