An 18 year-old boy was molested by a former colleague in the toilet of the hotel where he worked at. He became so affected by the incident that he stopped work shortly after the incident.

The 35 year-old Malaysian culprit, Uthaiya Ravinanthan Ramalingam, was sentenced to 9 months jail and 3 strokes of the cane. He was accompanied in court by his wife.

On 4 October 2016, Uthaiya was with the 18 year-old intern at the changing room of the pastry kitchen when he massaged the victim’s shoulder and asked if he would like a massage. The victim agreed, and they agreed to meet at the staff canteen during break time.

They eventually ended up in a staff toilet on the 3rd level of the hotel. Uthaiya and the victim entered a cubicle and locked the door. He went on to massage the victim’s shoulders, back, waist and legs.

When Uthaiya demanded the victim unbutton his shirt, the victim protested. Uthaiya insisted and the victim did so.

Uthaiya then massaged the victim’s chest and stomach area before pulling down the victim’s pants to the knee level. The victim protested and immediately pulled up his pants and questioned the accused.

But Uthaiya pulled down the victim’s pants again and removed the victim’s underwear. He then molested the victim’s private parts. When Uthaiya tried to perform oral sex on the victim, the victim said “No” and left the cubicle.

The next day, the victim informed his parents and a police report was lodged.

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