I got to learn in a hard way that receiving a parcel that was wrongly sent by a company was termed as a thief.

A regalia set includes:
A gown
A mortar board
A hood

As I have the gown and the mortar board, I placed order for the hood with Murdoch University which they engaged the service from Regalia craft Pty ltd to provide for the Regalia.

I was notified to head down to Singapore Wikiedge to collect my hood. Upon receiving the gown I realised that they sent me a whole set instead of a hood. I have informed the Kaplan staff on the spot and they reassured me that the parcel is correct and it belongs to me therefore I left with the parcel.

On 25 Feb, Regalia Craft contacted me and informed that they made a mistake and sent me the whole set which she then demand me to head down to wikiedge to return the item. When I refused to head down, the staff screamed at me and rudely hang up the phone. She then sent me a text accusing me as thief. I have offered her to send a courier to collect the items from me since it was their mistake but it was not answered to.

Today I contacted Murdoch University and Kaplan to request for a letter of apology and also to send a courier to collect it from me in which they ignored my request and still insisted of me heading down to return the item just because they didn’t want to spend on a courier despite it was their mistake.

I’m so disappointed in Kaplan, Murdoch and Regalia Craft for the unethical and unprofessional approach they have taken as service recovery for their mistake done.

Apparently I graduated from an University who accused me as thief.


based on Singapore statutes S67

‘‘unsolicited goods or services’’ means goods or services that are supplied in relation to a consumer transaction to a consumer who did not request them, but does not include goods or services supplied to a consumer who knew or ought to have known that they were intended for delivery to another person unless it was reasonable to believe that the goods or services, if delivered to that other person, would have been unsolicited goods or services.

Unless and until the consumer expressly acknowledges to the supplier in writing his intention to accept and pay for the unsolicited goods or services, the consumer may use, deal with or dispose of the goods or services as if they were an unconditional gift to him from the supplier.

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