Dear ASS,

LAMC proudly proclaims as the first local event organizer to bring in GNR. LAME being the ‘innovative’ trailblazer of firsts, embarked on using RFIDs for food and drink purchases. “You can pre-top up your wristband now to avoid all the hassle and queuing on show day!” (complete bullsh1t)

End Result: A great band, and potentially great concert experience completely F-UP for the first time by a greedy, lame events company which decided to PROFIT MAXIMIZE every cent. A complete FUBAR GONG SHOW. (2hrs+ to get-in, No ticket checks after 7pm, nonchalant staff, insufficient food/drinks/buses, 2hrs+ to get-out, etc).

Under the Income Tax Act, an events company must withhold tax on payments to non-resident entertainers, then notify and forward the withheld tax to the Comptroller of Income Tax. A lame events promoter entered into five contracts with the management company for the stars (Stereophonics, Pussycat Dolls, Lady Gaga, Keane and Dionne Warwick) who performed here in concerts in 2008 and 2009, but failed to declare and pay the tax withheld.

In Mar 2015, this lame company was fined a total of $280k by IRAS, making them the first local event promoter to be prosecuted and convicted for tax offences. Withholding-Tax/

Its no wonder this rogue company tried to pull a fast one, by making concert goers ‘pre-pay’ for food that wasn’t enough in the first place. Hoping that the herd/’cash cows’ (customers) will just ‘forget about it’! Once bitten, twice shy. “Never In This Lifetime” shall we patronize their events.

#DontCry #NeverAgain #Boycott #LAMEProductions #Knudson #Alabons

Lucifer Abalone
A.S.S Contributor

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