Dear A.S.S. Editor

Someone wrote in to the forum in the local media today about having the need for a tiered childcare leave. His suggestion is really thoughtful, and the authorities should do well to have a re-look at the current childcare leave allocation.

Currently, no mater how many young kids you have, the Government had made it mandatory to have childcare leave for the labour force, but it is capped at six days per year per parent for children below seven years old. Now, this hardly sends a correct signal about the noises the Government have been making lately for Singaporeans to have more kids. How is six days enough for someone with more than one young child? A simple virus itself will take off probably two days of the childcare leave, so how to sustain for the whole year?

The writer suggested tiered childcare leave, where rather than having a limit of six days per child, it could be 10 days for parents of two, and 14 days for three children. This way, parents will not find it hard to juggle the demands placed upon them of having kids, but being forced to work on days their children are not feeling well. Many will inevitably point towards utilising their own leave days, but this hardly helps with the Government’s call for Singaporeans to have more babies, does it?

Chen SL

A.S.S. Contribitor

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