According to one netizen, a resident at Sengkang found himself in a very sticky situation when he returned home one evening to discover that his bathroom’s rain shower had become infested with bees.

The pictures show the aftermath of the man’s battle with the bees, who wound up dead on the ground after pesticide was used to kill them. The netizen claims that the owner had used Baygon to kill the bees himself.

However, the use of simple pesticide to kill a bee infestation on your own poses significant risks. In other cases of bee infestation in Singapore, pest busters are known to use an auto-spraying pesticide that will keep the owners and the pest buster out of harm’s way.

In this case, the bees were eliminated without much trouble. The question remains though as to why these bees chose to nest in the shower room.

Pest management experts say that bees move from their nests and actively seek out new dwelling areas when their original hive has been disturbed or destroyed. The netizen did not know whether there had been any bee nest in the vicinity of the house where the infestation took place.

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