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How to have innovation when Oscar award wining film is not screened in Singapore?

So there has been a lot of talk about innovation recently which has been hard to take seriously. Here’s an example, how can Singapore and Singaporeans stay relevant when the latest Oscar best picture winners Moonlight, a film about a young gay black man growing up and coming of age isn’t being screened nor does it have a release date in Singapore. It seems that Moonlight might not see the light of day in Singapore just because of its positive and accurate portrayal of LGBT persons in it’s film.

This is what happens when the government sees a need in curating the national content and conversation in Singapore instead of allowing it to grow and moderate itself. How can Singaporeans get used to the idea of different people from different walks of life with varying opinions existing if our media constantly erases LGBT persons? How will Singaporeans learn to cope and trade in the market place of ideas of the government needs to child proof content for the entire population? Without freedom of speech and independently run media outlets there is not way Singaporeans can truly be innovative and sensitive the issues of the 21st century.

After all if a film deserving of an Oscar does not deserve to be screened in our country maybe the problem isn’t the rest of the world. Maybe the problem is our little island not being able to keep up with the times.

Ben Matchap

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