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This morning, woke u p to news that Nokia is relaunching a revamped version of its iconic 3310 model more than a decade after it was phased out. This new relaunched version will allow for web browsing, which the original did not have.

This iconic phone was first launched in 2000, and the original 3310 sold nearly 120 million units worldwide before it was discontinued in 2005, making it one of the world’s best-selling mobile phones. So, for those thinking of it as a novelty, then this relaunch is a godsend. But be warned though. The phone is run on 2.5G. Singapore’s 2G networks will be closed from April this year, thus Singaporeans who think they can use this phone are in for a tough luck. All 2G-only phones will not support calls, SMS and data services, so you will end up playing the “Snake” game only.

Sure they neglected to mention that no matter how iconic this phone is, it will not function as a handphone in the truest sense, since 2G networks are no longer supported in SG. Nostalgia only works in certain places, not SG.

Kurt N

A.S.S. Contributor

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