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In the end, it was the taxi driver that lied to the police that a Caucasian man was the one who slapped him in an incident in September 2014. His lies in court led to the Caucasian man, a Norwegian, to be sentenced by the Singapore courts to jail in the first place.

Arne Corneliussen, a Singpaore PR, had been given 10 weeks jail after he pleaded guilty to causing hurt by grabbing Chan’s neck and choking him after a night of drinking. He also paid $30,000 compensation to Chan. However, after reading reports of the case, Mr Roslan Zainul and his friend Mohamed Ayub Shaik Dawood came forward and told the police that Chan’s version of events was not true and that Chan, and not Mr Corneliussen, was the aggressor. Corneliussen had already served half his sentence, and subsequently re-tried and fined $2,000 after he was convicted of causing hurt by wrapping his arm around the cabby’s neck.

As for the cabby, he was jailed 18 months for lying and punching Corneliussen. When the case first came out, vitriol were poured into the direction of the Singapore PR, just for the fact that he was not a Singaporean, and that he was perceived to have beaten up an honest, hardworking cabby. Now that the truth is out, would all those who slammed the Caucasian man come out and apologise? He was not the aggressor, and he did what most of us would have done, and that was defend ourselves against a manipulative cabby.

Peter S

A.S.S. Contributor

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