Salam to the Editor and all Muslim readers,

I would like to share extremely unusual activities taking place at the Kubors beside my Mosque and across the street where a Madrasah stands.

When I was praying and washing up at Malabar mosque’s kitchen last Fri evening, I noticed lots of Indian foreigners as well as our local men entering the grave site in intimate manners. I immediately asked fellow Muslims if they are aware about this and was told by them that those people are going in there to “make out”. At the holy sites I exclaimed in disbelief? They said yes and the imam have also informed authorities on several occasions but said that government inaction towards such activities is due to the liberal stance they are taking as a result of the Pink Dot campaign and the debate of 377A when Prime Minister promised not to pursue homosexuals even if caught indulging in perverse sex acts.

I feel it is very unbecoming expected of a Chinese society with Confucian values, to turn a blind eye to these immoral activities taking place nightly on Muslim Kramat and hope fellow Muslims can stake their own patrol team to drive out these infidels who have no respect for us! We should also expect Ministers Yaacob Ibrahim and Masagos Zuikifli to make a stand on the Pink Dot issue much like what MP Faisal Manap did when he wore white during 1 of their immoral campaigns.

Syed Jaffar
A.S.S. Contributor

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