The family of Elsie Lie Lek Chee, who was murdered by her fiance, Gabriel Lee Haw Ling, on 30 March 2012, has created a petition addressed to the courts demanding justice for their deceased family member.

According to the petition, the family is demanding that Gabriel’s sentence should be reinstated to the original charges of murder instead of the 10 years given for culpable homicide. They argue that Gabriel is a threat to society and that his mental instability and deep seated beliefs in demons should be cause for a harsher sentence.

Read their petition here.

“We demand justice.
My sister, the late Elsie Lie Lek Chee was a fun-loving person and a filial daughter to both my parents. Coming from a low-income family with my father as the sole-breadwinner, we had to scrimp and save to make ends meet. My younger brother was in Poly back then. As the first sibling to enter the workforce, my sister supplemented the family’s income with the little to the best of her ability, even with the little that she had. She was caring, kind, helpful and extremely good tempered.
Ever since the passing of my sister, my parents has been in extreme grief and had a hard time dealing with it for the past 5 years. Just 5 days ago we received the verdict: that her cold-blooded murderer, Gabriel Lee Haw Ling – her abuser, the one who left her no dignity even in DEATH, was guilty of culpable homicide and sentenced to 10 years in jail.
10 years in jail. For culpable homicide…for what should have been murder. What he deserves should be at least 20 years if not life imprisonment. Now it’s become 10 years.
Defence lawyers Sunil Sudheesan and Diana Ngiam, however, urged the court to impose a jail term of nine to 10 years. “Our client comes from a strong Catholic background and has believed in ghosts, evil spirits and Lucifer since he was a child,”
How would a person with such extreme beliefs be safe with the public.? How many more lives would be lost to the hands of these cold-blooded murderers before the Judicial System could do something about this?
It is time to stop the exploitation of mental disorders so as to achieve lenient sentences. My sister died a horrific death and her murderer will be out of jail in less than 3 years. We demand fairness.
So I implore you, a member of the general public to stand with us and make a statement to deter any more of such acts of brutal killing. We want to rally against this passing of a lenient sentence to someone who has committed such a heinous crime. Singapore no longer feels safe to me. A murderer simply must not get away with culpable homicide. My sister died a wrongful death and in vain – and I will never ever want to see this happen to somebody else. Please sign and share this important petition to uphold justice and equality within our judicial system.

We, the undersigned, call on the Judicial System of Singapore to deliver fairness and justice to late Ms Elsie Lie Lek Chee and her family.”

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