Dear A.S.S. Editor

First, these PRC came here and taking over our jobs. Once they take over our jobs, they bring their whole family and taking over our neighbourhoods. Now, it seems like a business from China also coming over and taking over the Public Parks bicycle business!

Apparently, a bicycle-sharing company from China, ofo, is conducting business at some public parks, such as Pasir Ris Park without having to pay rent for using the public space. And since they don’t have to pay any rental space, they are charging 50 cents a trip. Normally, Singaporean bike rental businesses charge about $7 to $8 for an hour of use. Of course, customers don’t care whether you are a Singapore registered company, or a China one. They see a good and cheap rental fee, they will go grab it. Who wouldn’t want 50 cents a trip compared to $8 for an hour of use?

Now the question is, is the business done by the China company legal? They did not have to go through any tenders to rent a space for their business, instead using public space for free. These China people are clever, they know how to take advantage of loopholes to make their business prosper. They would not care if they disrupt those legit businesses. Authorities, time to act. Don;t act blur This news already out in the open.

Abdul H

A.S.S. Contributor

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