As a resident of Bt Purmei and regular Church goer at St Theresa’s, I hope the authorities which already have knowledge of the insanity occurring nightly across at Club Luxi of St James Power Station will really take concrete action to stem the problem of gang fights when the parties are over.

It has become common knowledge that Club Luxi is an assembly place where members of different gangs go to party or consume and sell drugs at its premises and fights occur when trades ply or paths cross as it is fast becoming a nuisance when they clash along the streets near the Church and our residences, especially when we need a good night’s rest. Worse still, they become emboldened after authorities go soft on them for fear of human rights activists who might campaign on their behalf as 1 officer verbally alleged in response to my complains. I was like, since when did we become chickens on crime? When LKY died?

We then surfaced this recurring problem to Sam Tan the MP who promised to ‘do something’ but it is still the same night after night and the gangs are not even afraid of the white elephant riot police trucks seen outside on weekends. My teenage daughter who reads your site suggested that I highlight this for your publication and I hope you share the same sentiment that human rights abuses and criminals are 2 very different and separate matters and its no joke should Singapore become lawless and violent. I feel that these youths should put energy where their mouths are and join people like Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngerng if they wish to have a more just and caring society and not engage in senseless battles! #bukittheresaisfastbecominganotherlittleindia

Carrie Ong
A.S.S. Contributor

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