According to a local chiobu reader, a stranger has allegedly used her online details and photographs and created an impersonator account on Facebook. The man then used the impersonator account to pretend to be his own girlfriend for 2 years!
When our reader discovered the impersonation, she confronted the man about his crime. The man admitted that he had stolen identity but did not seem remorseful about it. He even forced Facebook to remove her post about him.
Read her account here.
"Hi all, please beware of this guy named Wen Hong.
My facebook account has been temporarily banned as he kept reporting my account and posts of exposing him impersonating me.
He created an account claiming to be me as his "girlfriend" during December 2015. I had no idea of what's going on, as he blocked me from viewing the vessel account. I only knew what was going on from a friend yesterday (24/2/2017), and I do not personally know him.
I did published a facebook post, telling my friends to report the fake account and clarified the misunderstanding. As you can see, I confronted Wen Hong and he admitted impersonating me. He apologized but most of his replies were absurd.
Please share this, thank you! (As my posts are removed and I cannot repost, so I'm putting this here)"
Rebecca Chiang
A.S.S. Contributor

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