My unhappy experience with Kleenwash laundry in Yew Tee. I sent my winter coat with belt and hat to wash on 26 Dec 16 for dry cleaning. I noticed the bill i received did not write any hat or belt on it and already reluctant to leave it with Kleenwash but I never take my concerns seriously and decided to leave my coat as it is with them thinking Kleenwash is professional. I collected my coat on 8 Jan 17 not really checking in 8detail as it was packed nicely in the laundry plastic. The following week I flew straight to Japan and tuck my coat in my luggage together with the laundry plastic.

When i reached Japan, i took out my coat to wear and found my belt missing. When i reach Singapore on 14 Jan I straight went to Kleemwash in Yew Tee to informed about this incident and the woman at counter promised to help me find and check with their factory. At the same time I also left my coat there for 2nd wash and also in hope that with my coat they can trace my belt easily. Unfortunately, they informed me the belt cannot be found in their factory as they have returned to me the 1st time of their wash. I told them that I did not have the belt with me and seek their help to find my belt. After that I have been calling to check on the belt status which have no results and finally on 25 Feb 17 when I call again to check, the woman whom pick up my call finally told me you have to report your lost in 24 hours and hung up my call rudely.

I regreted for using kleenwash service. I will also take this as a lesson and will not leave any accessories with laundries whom do not indicate clearly all accesories received from customer in their bill because you may missed to check in detail during collection and end up no satisfactory responsibility given.

Thank you for letting me share my experience.

A.S.S. Contributor

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