When you first step in to IPPUDO you are greeted by the lively staff, i noticed the classy decor and artwork made by ramen spoons, as we were being seated the staff set up a foldable box for us to put our belongings in, i thought it was a nifty extra service and appreciated it. 
The table arrangements were spacious and their staff were attentive and helpful, pretty soon our starter dish came which were  Cucumbers with a fresh light sesame flavour and Gyoza. I have to say the Gyoza were the best i ever had the Gyoza was crisp, the meat wasn't overpowering and the flavour was deliciously well rounded. Sauce was the right amount of salty. Texture wasn't too moist like some gyoza tends to be. 
 They were pretty good starters but i couldn’t wait to try the ramen. While waiting for them to prepare the ramen we were told about the concept behind their food, we were trying their takeaway ramen which serves a generous portion of 140g of noodles as compared to the usual 100g that you might find at other places, the ramen was also pretty affordable costing from $8-$12 because of the lack of GST since it’s takeaway and not dine in. They also use a chicken broth and no pork for their ramen to cater to a more diverse singapore. They also useMore oil to keep temperature but it's not overpowering and completes the flavour of the dish.
We ordered the Shiro-Obi and Aka-Obi
Here’s the rundown on how both of them were
Shiro(classic option): chashu was soft to the point of melting and full of flavour. Not for people who aren't fans of saltiness. Soup is clear but with a wholesome creamy texture. Seaweed was tougher than usual and a bit chewy, but had a subtle flavour.
Aka(spicy option)Inline image 4:I was expecting something a little spicier but it have a fuller flavour mixed in with spicy miso pasta it wasn’t burn your tongue spicy but it was a flavourful spice which blended well with the veggie in the dish,i ordered mine with an extra egg and hard noodles.
Overall it was a great expirence and Megan and I enjoyed the food a lot we will defiantly be coming back and recommending this to everyone!
A.S.S. Contributor

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