Every now and then, we hear and read of new VWOs and NGOs springing up all over the island that are being supported mainly by Christians and Buddhists but the number of needy or displaced persons supposedly ‘helped’ by them does not seem to tally with the unusually high number of charities? I am financially better now, thanks to the community that I joined which take great pains to uplift members’ standard of living and education, all without any publicity or advertisement and certainly no taxpayer dollar involved like how Joseph Schooling did it!

I am penning this as I really feel for my working colleague who as a single
mother living in a rental flat at Indus Road, has been writing to various
VWOs for scholarship or a bursary to complete her daughter’s degree but she
said no one has bothered to even acknowledge her pleas, much less to render
aid. She has written to “Tzu Chi Foundation”, “Buddhist Lodge”, “Catholic
Welfare” and even “Methodist Bursary Program” but no one has gotten back to
her. She then approached her MP for help but the MP said it is not the
practice of the PAP to write to VWOs as it is considered private entity and
they can choose whether they wish to help or not. The MP’s letter for my
colleague to MSF has already been rejected thrice due to the income ceiling
problem, which I believe currently stands at $550?

I think its noteworthy for the public to probe the motives of the setting up
of these organizations that paint beautiful pictures of how ‘much’ they have
done with recurring motherhood mission statements to solicit even more
monies. I distinctively remembered the Methodist Bishop Robert Solomon
despite being ‘mistakenly’ overpaid for 5 years but has yet to return the
illicit gains. The rest like Kong Hee and ‘Venerable’ Ming Yi are public

Lucille Wong
A.S.S Contributor

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