I’m writing to you today to voice out my unhappiness with a product I have bought in a shopping centre last year 2016 November.

My husband and I purchase a digital door lock to install on our gate through a company in shopping centre. Before buying, we have no idea how it works and the salesman convince us that it is very secure and convenient.

We decide to purchase the item and waited for them to confirm with us on installation (takes 2 weeks). Though it take a long time to arrange for installation, we wait patiently and my purchase was soon to be installed.

Recently we found out there’s a video circulating online for a gate digital lock (same brand) that is easily being broken into. We decide to try and was surprised to find out that we could unlock our hdb gate lock with a screw driver and a hex key. Feeling worried, we called back the company and voice out.

Not only were they guilty of this, they told us that we need to top up additional $150 to buy another part to change. Before the purchase, we were not told about this issue and being a reputable company, they should ensure that the product (digital lock) should be secure! We are paying $799 to add on security and convenience for the family but was being forced to top up additional money for their mistake.

I hope you can share this with fellow netizens. To warn them to buy from reliable source or to clarify first before making any purchase. Below is a video proof of how we can easily unlock the digital lock. ​

A.S.S. Contributor

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