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About 200 people have so far signed a petition calling on the authorities to either retain or conserve the Sungei Road flea market. This petition was started by Mr Koh Ah Koon, 76, the president of the Association for the Recycling of Second Hand Goods.

He said that he will continue to collect signatures for the petition, until the day the Sungei Road flea market is supposed to close down, which is in July. The market was cited by one signatory as a venue that provides the elderly hawkers a legitimate source of income and can be seen as an engagement programme for seniors – not that different from those run by community centres. The area in Sungei Road had already been earmarked for residential use.

As far as things go in Singapore, once the authorities have decided to reclaim back that piece of land, then there is nothing much anyone can do, whether there are 200 or 200,000 signatories on a petition. We better enjoy the one of the last surviving piece of old Singapore, before they disappear for good come this July.

Sim S C

A.S.S. Contributor

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