A female reader got drunk while on a wild night out at the clubs, and ended up almost getting taken advantage of by someone she considered to be her “best friend”.

According to the netizen, Kelly, she and a local man named Desmond were frequent gamers and were very close. She even had access to Desmond’s social media accounts at one point of time in their friendship.

However, after Kelly became of legal age, she went on a clubbing binge, but became emotionally scarred after her last outing to Atlantis 10 in March 2016. Kelly alleges that her friend Desmond had tried to grope and lift her legs to her shoulders while she was drunk and too weak to do anything against him.

Desmond was only stopped after those surrounding her prevented him from going any further.

Saddened and disgusted by her “friend’s” actions, she took to asking around and found several other women who suffered the same treatment at Desmond’s hands.

Read her account here.

“I prefer to let bygones be bygones but people just have to trigger me and force my bad side out. As most of my friends around me know, I used to have a good friend called Desmond Sim. We were literally best friends, we gamed together, DotA2 together, League of Legends together, cafe/food/mookata hopping together and I even had access to his social media accounts.

After that, some things happened and we are just not friends anymore. Some things that will bring myself to shame. I think I’m a person who is very careful in the choices of friends but he disappointed me.

I really do not want to share this story as it wasn’t a good experience but I found out I wasn’t the only girl who got taken advantage of and this Desmond guy started calling me and my friends “hoes” which provoked me a lot.

2015-2016 was a hectic year for me as I turned legal and started clubbing and such. The last time I stepped into a clubbing event was Atlantis 10 which was last year March. I got real drunk and Desmond tried to take advantage of the situation. I’m lucky as my cousin and her boyfriend were there with me if not I would have been a GONE case.

What he did to me? He groped me and also lifted my legs up to my shoulders but then people around me stopped him from proceeding any further. I did tried to push him away but I was REALLY drunk and didn’t had the strength to do it.

The next day when I sober up, I confronted him and he denied everything.

I wanted to let things (and our friendship) rest but recently he just have to provoke me indirectly on social media and when I even asked him to come out for a talked, he asked me to go to Cantonment. For what? LOL

I did hear many stories about him from people around me and I went to ask 1 of the victim herself and she confirmed with me.

During Atlantis10, I also heard that a guy (which I have no idea who) wanted to find problem with him as he forced another girl to make out with him.

PS: When I had access to his Facebook chats, He was trying to talk to at least 20+ girls by sending all of them “Hi” messages. He even asked for a sugar mummy. I don’t have the screenshot as he revoked my access to his Facebook account.

Girls, please be careful who you call “friends”, blood is definitely thicker than water. It wasn’t a good experience for me but I’m very blessed that my cousin and her boyfriend were there on that day.

Whatsapp conversation were actually meant for my best friend’s 21st birthday (He didn’t know what happened at Atlantis10 as I didn’t update him about it and he wasn’t there) but then, this guy just needs to flirt in the conversation so obviously, I started being salty.

So the flaming between me and him actually stopped in the Whatsapp group on Monday, 20/02/2017 but he just had to start the ball rolling again by calling me and the other 3 of my girlfriends “Hoes” on Facebook for no reason.”

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