24 year-old Ms Elsie Lie Lek Chee was about to get married to her 37 year-old security guard husband, Mr Gabriel Lee Haw Ling in 2012.

However, things went terribly wrong for the couple as Lee later tried to decapitate her with an assortment of tools, including pruning shears, scissors, a rotary can opener and a hammer on the night of 30 March 2012.

The murder took place at about 11.40PM at the couple’s rented room in Jurong. For some time before that, Lee had forced Ms Elsie to go to a Catholic church for exorcism and made her carry a bible in a bulky waist pouch which she wore even at work.

The couple had started living together in June 2011, 2 months after they met online. Lee was then undergoing divorce proceedings with his wife.

In December 2011, Lee started to believe that his rented room was haunted and that his fiancee was possessed.

On 30 March 2012, Lee gave his wife a shower in the kitchen bathroom at about 6PM. A housemate heard Lee groaning and loud conversation between the couple. When he returned home, the couple were still in the bathroom.

When the couple emerged from the bathroom, housemates saw that Ms Lie was pale and had to be supported by Lee. When the couple went to their room, loud groaning noises could be heard until 11.08PM, after which one of the tenants dialed for the police.

When officers arrived at 11.17PM and knocked on Lee’s door, Lee opened the door and said that he had a quarrel with Ms Lie. Ms Lie appeared to be weak and lying on the mattress on a floor, but told officers she was just weak from a recent abortion.

When the first two officers left at about 11.40PM, Lee continued to make loud groaning and shouting noises in the room.

By 6.30AM, tenants awoke to a horrible sight of blood seeping from the door of the couple’s room. The police were again called in.

A paramedic who arrived found Ms Lie topless and covered in blood lying on top of Lee, who was naked, on the mattress. The paramedic could not perform any emergency life saving procedures as he assessed the situation was unsafe.

Realizing that his game was up, Lee gouged out Ms Lie’s eyes. Police officers arrived at 6.55AM and found Lee kneeling and chanting while holding a yellow object that resembled a cross. He ignored the officers’ orders to stop and continued chanting. He was subdued and arrested by police shortly after.

Ms Lie’s eyeballs and clumps of hair were recovered at the foot of their block.

Lee was jailed 10 years today after he pleaded guilty to culpable homicide. He was originally charged with murder but a psychiatric report found that he had a brief psychotic disorder.

Ms Lie’s mother, Madam Chen Yoke Mooi, 54, blasted the judgement and cried inconsolably: “My daughter died so horribly… 10 years for a life, it’s too much, it’s not fair,” she told reporters in Mandarin.

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