Dear A.S.S. Editor

With all this news and online debate about the graduates getting higher pay, make me wonder. If with the supposedly higher pay of graduates, and most of them said the higher pay is already not enough to cover the increasing cost of living, then what about those non-graduates?

Most of the unhappiness from the higher starting pay news is that this is still not enough for the young graduates, not enough for them to save quickly and get BTO, or even going through daily expenses. And these are salaries of about $3,500 or above. But those without university degrees? Let’s say ITE graduates, or even poly graduates. Their starting salary definitely won’t be as high as $3,500! So, if these graduates already complaining $3,500 not enough, then what about these non-graduates?

Is the chasm between graduates and non-graduates starting to become even wider? Seems like if you are a non-university graduate, then living in Singapore will never be comfortable for you. You can never get a high enough starting pay, so starting out in your working life, already at a very disadvantaged position. In fact, the chasm is so wide, it seems nobody is giving the real issues of low starting salary for these group of non-university graduates any second thoughts.

Eric Tan

A.S.S. Contributor

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