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It seems like the news report on the complaints made against the River Valley childcare centre might be a case of just one person not happy with the childcare centre. The reported incidents might only have been painted that way to make the school look bad.

So far, parents of the childcare centre at the receiving end of an online allegation of abuse and neglect have signed a letter in a show of support for the centre. Even the investigations done by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), which regulates kindergartens and childcare centres, yesterday said it has not uncovered anything adverse at the childcare centre, located in Jalan Mutiara off River Valley Road. The letter, which was signed by 35 parents showed their support for the centre, and indicated that their children have always came home happy and healthy.

The centre, meanwhile, had indicated that the it believes the photos were taken in 2016 and posted by an unhappy former employee, who has since returned to China. So, was this just a case of a China FT throwing fake allegations against the centre just to tarnish the name of the centre?

Nan S

A.S.S. Contributor

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