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The principal of ITE College West have responded to the viral video of the incident, where a teacher was shown to manhandle a student.

According to reports, the man in question was actually a training associate, whose job it is to help the teacher in classrooms. The students were supposed to carry out their project, but this particular student had simply refused to participate and carried on playing his computer game on his laptop. This was what prompted the incident that was caught on video.

The principal indicated that this incident happened a year ago, and the training associate had already been counselled. Many students also came to the defence of the man, indicating that this was an isolated incident, and he was a generally nice man.

Makes you think twice about reacting with violence nowadays to any provocation. You might be doing what you think is right, but with video and cameras everywhere now, everybody can see what you did, even if it does not tell the whole story. Conclusion is, no matter what the provovation is, reacting with violence is just not the way to do it.


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