Dear A.S.S. Editor

I was an event coordinator few years ago held at ITE West. Yes, the same school a teacher was found mishandling a student and a slashing of a student by another.

I was there the whole day at the school. Notice many students acting like a gangster, smoking just outside the school compound, it’s like a common sight. While I notice on the behaviour of the student, I also notice many teachers being aggressive towards few students too. It was just in front of me when an Indian boy who did not tuck in his white shirt walk past a teacher. The teacher just grab from the back of his neck and tell him to tuck the shirt in. I was shocked but did not say anything.

Then another man, a teacher I presume, grab an ear-pierced by his hand and told him to remove the studs immediately. This scenes are normal there. I personally think we should handle the student professionally so that we can change them to be a better person. Not to get them to have a mindset the teachers are here to torture them.

I know it is not easy to handle the Students but aren’t they taught to handle a different situation?

Jaipur Singh

A.S.S. Contributor

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