I was in a relationship with my Finnish boyfriend for 1 year plus. I’m a Singaporean. I didn’t know that behind my back he is meeting an Indonesian maid.

I spoke nicely to the maid that we should let him decide who he wants to be with. Me or her. This Finnish bastard cannot decide who he wanted.

While he was still with both of us, the maid tried to throw me off the game by showing obscene pictures of him and her while I’m not around so that I would get jealous and eventually give up on him. She said sex with him is not good nor satisfying and she questioned would I want to stay in a relationship with him. She told me she is only with him for his home and for his money and that she won’t give up on him. She shows off to me that he gives her more money than me and that I as a Singaporean should be ashamed that I lose out an Indonesian maid like her.

I ignored most of her crazy messages so she resorted to posting their pictures on my public FB status comment to get my attention.

They are now staying together at Pasir Ris White Water Condo. Kudos to her and my ex. They deserve each other.

Anonymous SG Girl
A.S.S. Contributor

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