Dear A.S.S. Editor

I’m sure everyone have this very nagging thought at the back of their mind. The 70% will brush it off, saying all this is good, but seriously? Anyone else feel that we are just paying too much for our houses, and still have to pay back something to the government for something we supposedly own every year?

Having already paid thousands upon thousands for our dream house, be it HDB or condo or anything else with a roof, every year, we also need to pay the government taxes for what is essentially, a house we own. Of course, the house we own, we will never fully pay for it until maybe 30 years down the road, but still, it is our house. We paid for it to purchase it from HDB, not loan it. So, property tax? Explanation from the govt is of course, property tax helps to fund children education, help the elderly in their medical facilities, and even help ordinary Singaporeans have a recreational space by funding all the parks in SG.

Fair? But why is there still no free education for Singaporeans? No free medical benefits for the elderly? The parks are free, we can enjoy them. So, esentially, our property tax enables us to enjoy free relaxation at the parks? Thank you very much!

Seriously, what benefits are there for us Singaporeans from the property tax?

Naim Syami

A.S.S. Contributor

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