Dear A.S.S. Editor

I am a school bus driver, as my old bus is due for scrape. I planning to get a new bus. A slightly bigger type but before I go ahead I ask my branch office regarding the season parking . I have email them the photo and spec of the vehicle .

They arrange a officer to come and measure the lots and the bus ( friend bus) the officer say it shouldn’t be a problem. But final decision still need approve by Manager. So I waited for the reply and get rejected. I wonder why the officer who come down and measure say no problem and the officer sitting in office reject it? Some area like AMK /Serangoon North area are allow to buy a season under their block.

I staying at blk 602 Hougang Ave 4 ( AMK GRC). WHY same GRC same area can and hougang cant? SAME OPEN CARPARK. SAME GRC. SAME VEHICLE. ONLY DIFFERENCE BRANCH OFFICE. WHY make life so difficult for us just for a season parking. Why small matter also double standard.

Mr Tan

A.S.S. Contributor

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