PRC work permit holders are collecting cardboard illegally in Singapore to earn extra cash, but they are doing this at the expense of local elderly cardboard collectors, says a local elderly cardboard collector.

If the immigrants cannot find the cardboard they need, they resort to snatching and stealing from local cardboard collectors.

These revelations come from a video interview posted by Cinorom Elicebmi III (translated by our reader). During the interview, the elderly woman shared first hand accounts of how an elderly cardboard collector cut his arms badly when he struggle to take back his cardboard from a PRC immigrant who had stolen it from him.

She also related another incident where a collector, who had spent the whole night collecting a large pile of cardboard, ended up having his whole cart taken away from him when he left his stack unattended while using the toilet.

According to the netizen, some of the perpetrators of these crimes against local elderly cardboard collectors are working for a restaurant named “老成都”.

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