Trump’s recent order against immigrants coming into the US has greatly affected me. I came to America after being arrested twice in my country of origin, Singapore, for criticizing the Singapore Government and religion, to seek asylum and finally live in a place where I’m able to exercise my free speech.

Upon my arrival at Chicago O’Hare International Airport airport, the immigration officers knowing that I wanted to seek refuge in the US after I told them (rather blatantly because I was unaware of the consequences), immediately sent me to American jail where I’ve been in since December 16th 2016. The immigration officers promised that I’ll be able to go out of jail on parole after my first court hearing on January 30th 2017.

However, due to the recent executive orders issued by Donald J. Trump against migrants, the higher-ups in Department of Homeland Security have broadly interpreted Trump’s orders to mean issuing actions that stop any migrants from being able to go out of jail (on bail or parole) until the entire asylum process in court has completed its course (even if these refugees are escaping oppressive anti-free speech laws from tyrannical dictatorships) to prevent “exploitation of the system.” Which means unlike what the immigration officers have promised, I won’t be able to get out of American jail until my entire asylum process has concluded, which will take a couple more months. News of this have been sent to my lawyer Sandra Grossman a few days ago.

Having to be sent to American jail for simply asking for protection in the US is bad enough, but the recent orders issued by Trump has now as you have evidently seen, leaves people who fought for free speech in their countries languishing in distress during their time of need, and unlike how the anti-SJWs use the term, Trump’s actions are genuinely quite anti-free speech. Please share this post and tell your friends about this awful effect of Trump’s actions.

We can band more people together to fight against this tyranny when it concerns the free speech of our society. Please, let your voices be heard and let the skies tremble with the strength of our defiance. The people must be aware of this, the world must know.

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