On 18 Jan 2017, this lorry swing his door wide open fast and left a deep dent in my new car bonnet, he then left without leaving any note. I made a police report on a hit and run and there was an IO assigned to my case which till now there is no news at all.

I have checked with my insurance guy and according to him, as long as he dont make a report then there is no way to claim him EVEN when i have full and clear video proof of his act. His insurance company will NOT admit to this accident ever happening JUST BECAUSE the other driver refuse to make a report!

This is the kind of motor insurance we are paying in singapore. Insurance company only interested in taking your money and not fighting for you at all. Even when i provide video proof, my insurance company and his insurance company refuse to do any thing at all.

In another words, if you were to accidentally hit another vehicle, and you refuse to make a accident report there is NOTHING that victim can do to you AT ALL!!! This is ridiciculous! Such loophole makes me wonder why is there a need to buy motor insurance at all!!!

I am looking for that driver who dented in my bonnet. Anyone who know him please help me by giving me his contact number. My car is only few weeks old.

Vehicle Number YL7441E
Owner Name Broadway F&B Management Pte Ltd
Insurance Company MSIG

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