Dear A.S.S. Editor

Read with particular interest about the Malay girl who opened up that some of her Nanyang JC classmates admitted to her that she was their first Malay friend.

No surprises there. How are we going to be an inclusive society if we still have schools that cater for only Chinese students in the SAP school, or on the flip side, caters only to Malay Muslim students in the Madrasah. These kids will only end up having friends of the same race in their social circle, and at the end of the day, we cannot blame them if they don’t know about the culture of the other races. It is simply because they are not exposed to friends of other race from a young age, and thus, they will develop a closed mentality. In fact, these type of schools are just breeding an ethnic clique.

Singapore prides itself in being an inclusive society. We are still far from it. There are still sections of the community who don’t even have friends that are not from their race. Add to that and the PAP wants to have a minority Malay as the next President simply because they feel a Malay cannot win an election that is not reserved for them, an inclusive society we are not.

Shame on us!

Jane Ho

A.S.S. COntributor

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