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The new taxi company, HDT Singapore Taxi, has introduced a new scheme for all its 50 electric taxis, by treating its taxi drivers as salaried employees. So far, the scheme is taking off, with its quota for drivers already met, at a time when lots of taxi drivers are giving up on their jobs, due to poor returns and more competition in the form of private hire cars.

What HDT Singapore Taxi does is luring taxi drivers by offering fixed salaries and employment benefits such as annual leave and Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions. Thus, taxi drivers don’t have to go out and drive taxi as renters, so they don’t have to worry about covering their costs for the day before counting their earnings. With this scheme, taxi drivers can go out and drive, knowing that at the end of each month, they will bring home a standard pay package, and have CPF contributions to boot.

HDT’s cabbies get a basic gross income of $1,900 a month, including CPF contributions, which can go up to $2,800 with overtime. Their pay can go progressively higher with higher revenue targets. If $8,500 is achieved, for example, the gross salary rises to $4,300. Sounds like a proper deal, isn’t it? Now cabbies do not have to worry about making enough for the month, and can drive stress free. Maybe this is the way to go for all cab companies, and hopefully, this can also solve issues like taxi drivers driving like mad men on the road, just because they have to make enough money for the day.

Time for the rest of the taxi companies to follow suit?

Johnny Hong

A.S.S. Contributor

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