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This is the first horrible experience with GrabHitch! First time ever as I didn’t encounter any issue before.

On 20th Feb morning I’ve booked GrabHitch and got confirmation by driver Maverick (Honda Stream SJM3443Z). Driver texted me telling me there will be another passenger sharing, hope I don’t mind. Of course I won’t mind as I knew GrabHitch was something similar to GrabShare. Driver picked me first and proceed to pick the second passenger. Along the journey, the passenger asked if by 9:15am able to reach her destination and driver replied will try his best. When reaching the security guard post at my location, I told the driver to go straight ahead and I will alight at lift lobby but got rejected. The driver simply answered me – she’s running late so i gotta walk in! I paid for my fare and got my rights, why should I walk in? I was also late for picking her. Does that mean she’s late then I need to bear responsibility? It was the driver who couldn’t fulfill 2 pick ups and blamed it on the traffic. I’m also consumer, why the other passenger got more priority than me?

Immediately i wrote in to Grab as I felt unfair for me. The first reply from James (GrabHitch Team) was totally wrong. He mistook my issue with GrabShare driver, replied with driver’s NRIC and some non related information. James took the initiative to give me a call but he can’t even answer simple question and told me Hitch drivers are not direct under Grab so nothing can be done. The call centre was so noisy that he need to call me few times. After few calls, no solution at all. He replied my email telling me the trip is completed and it was my fault for not indicating desired drop off point. The problem now is for the whole lot of umpteen times i booked GrabHitch, totally no issue like this. It is now the driver asking me to walk into my office building due to the other passenger’s running late!!!!!

James went MIA and till now did not give me satisfactory answer. As a customer service officer, in service line providing such horrible customer service only tells consumers GRAB earns our money so how many complaints no big deal, at the end of the day losing 1 customer not a lot.

I am expecting at least a call from GRAB.


A.S.S. Contributor

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