Dear A.S.S. Editor

Despite all the bad publicity over the Budget 2017, I feel the government has done all this in the best interest of Singaporeans. They are doing all they can to improve the lives of Singaporeans. You cannot win everyone over, but sometimes, populist acts are not beneficial to a country.

Take for example the increase in the CPF grant for couples buying HDB resale flats. The government know that for some couples, finding that dream home via a BTO exercise can sometimes be a trying effort. You don’t know if you will get the neighbourhood you want, or if you do get the neighbourhood you want, you might not get the ideal flat. Or, some couples really do not have time and space available to them immediately after marriage to get that new house. So, couples who could not wait to get BTO flats, have no choice but get resale flats. This increase in grant can only help the couples along, by making resale flats a bit more affordable.

Or how about the government increasing the capacity for childcare centers, thus ensuring everyone will have places to place their young children when they go off to work. The government understands that under current living situations, families do need double income, so they help out with emplacement for the children. Who says you cannot start a family if both have to work?

Again, all these shows the government are working very hard to help Singaporeans. But we being Singaporeans, all we know to do is complain. The government can never win.

Jason Kim

A.S.S. Contributor

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