A foreign talent of South Asian origin, who lived in Singapore since 2015, has been ordered by the UK court to give up 2 of her children to be placed in foster care in Britain after she failed to scam the UK government of welfare benefits.

The UK High Court has decided that the children would be put up for adoption instead of reuniting them with their parents.

The father of the children had entered the UK without valid immigration papers and the mother was an overstayer. She first arrived in the UK in 2004. The husband lost his job in 2013, and because they were ineligible for state benefits, the family became destitute by April 2014.

The parents were referred to local authorities but they refused to care for themselves and wanted the authority to be wholly responsible for providing for the family.

“The father’s extreme behaviour was exhibited as early as May 14, 2014 when he threatened to jump into the river off a bridge together with the children if a new house and financial assistance to the level sought were not provided,” noted the judge in charge of this case.

The court heard that the couple used their children as leverage and failed to care for their emotional well-being. They used them to demand more money, kept them out of school and even hid them in cupboards to prevent social workers from seeing them.

In 2015, the father coached the girl to falsely make serious allegations of sexual abuse against the school and social workers, which triggered a full probe by the police. The boy’s school attendance was also falling away and his behaviour was deteriorating.

In August 2015, the authorities placed their 2 eldest childrenin foster care to prevent them from further absconding after they tried to flee Birmingham to Glasgow.

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