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It was reported today that the Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF) has filed a police report against fake volunteers who asked for donation using their name. The fake volunteers were apparently doing their rounds at Bugis Junction on 19 February.

In a statement released on Tuesday (Feb 21), the SHF said that its representatives are required to carry an ID badge – which displays the name of each individual fundraiser – and a copy of the Collectors Certificate of Authority (CCA) issued by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). So, before you be all kind-hearted and donate, make sure that who you are giving to are really who they claimed to be.

In fact, in more recent times, there have been lots of leaflets placed under doors of HDB flats, stating that they are doing a collection in behalf of some charitable or religious organisations, and to leave unwanted but usable items like clothes and newspapers outside the house. How do we know that these people are really collecting on behalf of the organistions they are supposed to? What if they turn out to be fake volunteers as well, collecting used items for their own profit? Maybe the Police should look into all these more closely.

Harry Kee

A.S.S. Contributor

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