Dear A.S.S. Editor

Our Minsiters claim to be world class, with more than world class salaries, in a first world country. These Ministers always have a ready answer for everything, no matter how ridiculuous they sound sometimes.

But, what do you call a communication Minister who cannot communicate? A transport minister who cannot make transportation move smoothly, if at all, but always ready with comments and reprimands.

We really do not need a government to remind us and teach us or reprimand us at every turn. We will do that ourselves. You sat sorry for the pain and hurt caused by the name Syonan? And getting endorsed by the big man some more just a few days ago! You should be apologising for the insensitive action and disregarding the feedback of Singaporeans.

You know its a sensitive issue, you know the memories it invoked are painful. Yet you went ahead, masking the appeals as people failing to appreciate creativity. Who are you kidding?

S K Chan

A.S.S. Contributor

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