Increase in S & CC rebates

I refer to the report “Singapore Budget 2017: One-off GST voucher of up to $200 for 1.3 million Singaporeans, increase in U-Save and S&CC rebates” (Straits Times, Feb 20).

Increase by half a month

It states that “eligible HDB households will also see their service and conservancy charges (S&CC) rebates increased by half a month”.

S & CC increase by up to 20%?

In this connection, it was announced just three days ago that “15 PAP town councils to increase service and conservancy charges from June 1” (Straits Times, Feb 17).

I understand that this translates into an increase of between five to 20 per cent, by next year.

Revenue from the increase vs cost of “another half a month” rebate?

So, in totality how much more revenue will the S & CC increase derive, versus the “(S&CC) rebates increased by half a month”?

This may be similar to the issues I wrote in “Budget: Price increase (na), cost increase (na), but rebates ($71m)?” (Feb 20) –

“An analogy?

As an analogy, it may be akin to telling you that I need to charge you more because it cost me more, but I will help you by giving you a rebate – but I never tell you how much more I will receive from the price increase or how much more it is costing me – but I can tell you how much more it will cost me to give you the rebate.

A strange way to deliver a Budget?

Don’t you find that this may be a rather strange way to deliver a Budget? What do you think?”

Leong Sze Hian

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